What makes a great restaurant website?


Here are a few tips that will help your restaurant thrive:

  1. Show pictures of your food, it’s the main reason customers visit your restaurant! Make sure they are good quality appetizing images. Too many restaurants use dark and un-appetizing camera phone pictures to showcase their food. Hire a professional photographer to do this rather then using a personal small camera, the quality difference is huge! Make sure that the photographer is good at shooting food. It is an acquired skill, one that we have been perfecting for years.
  2. Make your location and contact information obvious and easy to find. If you use OpenTable, make it simple to find. Remember that you pay them less if your customers book through your website versus going through OpenTable’s site.
  3. Show off the atmosphere and hospitality of your restaurant. Use warm and inviting images throughout your site, especially on the home page. This is the viewer’s first impression, so make them feel welcome!
  4. Create an easily accessible menu, preferably in HMTL, so potential customers can get an idea of what they will find once they walk through your doors.